Our Services


Our web platform’s data visualization feature allows you to easily and effectively monitor your data in real-time.


Customizable dashboards

Our customizable dashboards enable you to see your data in a clear and intuitive way, allowing you to quickly identify trends, patterns, and anomalies.


Real-time analysis

Additionally, our data visualization feature is fully integrated with our scalable processing and alerting systems, so you can see the results of your analysis in real-time and act on any potential issues as they arise.


A combination of statistical and machine learning models allow you to easily forecast future values of your sensors, detect anomalies in real-time and be alerted if your machines require maintenance. You can easily configure the correct algorithms on your data streams depending on your use-case, without technical knowledge. 


Collection of state-of-the-art algorithms

A built-in collection of state-of-the-art algorithms is provided for forecasting, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.


MLflow compatible models registry

Using MLflow technology, you can define your custom algorithms or models appropriate for your specific use-case, or use our pre-configured algorithms which cover the most common use-cases.

Scalable processing

Our scalable processing feature allows you to easily and efficiently analyze large amounts of data from your time series.


Analyze large amounts of data

Our built-in and custom algorithms can be seamlessly executed on any number of data streams, regardless of their size.



The flexible architecture of our system allows for seamless scaling from a single sensor to thousands, without requiring any additional effort on your part.

Alerting system

Our web platform’s alerting system allows you to stay informed about important events in your system.


Advanced rules engine

Using our advanced rules engine, you can easily create alerts that notify you when certain conditions are met. You can define threshold-based rules for raw sensor data or algorithm outputs.


Email notifications

Our platform can alert you by sending you an email. This way, you can be alerted to potential issues before they become a problem, allowing you to take action and prevent problems from occurring.